What is Included in an Electrical Inspection? – Electrical Maintenance (Part 2)

Electrical Maintenance

What is Included in an Electrical Inspection?

Routine electrical maintenance should be factored into your preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance programs. These electrical inspections should be performed by a qualified electrical testing company or certified electrical contractors who have had arc flash training (compliant with NFPA 70E).

A thorough electrical inspection will include:

Infrared Testing

Visual Inspection

GFI Testing and Electrical Maintenance

PM of Equipment

Electrical Safety

Beginning a formal inspection of your electrical equipment with a thermographic survey is an efficient way to identify potential dangers before they become problems. This is accomplished by trained technicians performing a complete survey of your facility through infrared scanning. Following this survey a report is generated, and a visual inspection of the damaged or problem areas will determine the scope of the maintenance.

At this point, qualified personnel will perform a series of critical tests on the systems in your facility. GFI testing, breaker testing, ATS testing, and transformer testing, are just a few of the tests an experienced electrical worker will perform in addition to traditional preventive maintenance.

Taking all this into consideration, be sure to remember that the most important component to any electrical inspection is safety. Hiring trained and qualified personnel ensures that the job is done correctly, but also safely. When the people you’ve hired to work on your property operate with safety in mind, they avoid damaging your equipment and keep themselves out of danger.

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